Singapore Short Reporting

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have released the implementation details for Short Position Disclosures and the reporting requirements come into effect from 1st October 2018.

We are adding support for Singapore position monitoring and reporting to DisclosureWise™, taking the short disclosure coverage to 36 jurisdictions. The system will calculate the requisite market values and net held percentages based on the correct share classes. Disclosures will then be lodged with MAS subject to the rules and thresholds and confirmations sent back to you. All secondary features of the system will also be available, including:


  • Position staling to avoid missed filings
  • Auto close outs to ensure correct filings
  • Reminders if positions not received 24 hours prior to submission deadlines
  • Confirmation emails after the submissions
  • Position extracts, audit trail and regulator acknowledgements via the web portal 
  • In-house market data research & triage desk.


Salient features of Singapore reporting


  • Threshold relief may be available based on net held percentage checks using shares outstanding, and market value checks using closing prices;
  • Threshold relief may not be available for funds not owned by you i.e. funds managed on behalf of third parties;
  • Threshold relief is not available if reporting at trust level;
  • Only the same class shares to be used in denominator as opposed to the total shares outstanding used in some other jurisdictions;
  • No look through to ultimate entities (as opposed to Europe) and generally the disclosures will be at the fund level;
  • SPRID mechanism similar to Hong Kong. Once you acquire the SPRID, you can assign delegation to us via your logon. This process will be familiar to the clients who use our services to report in Denmark. We will provide instructions to acquire the SPRID and assign delegation.


DisclosureWise™ can monitor and disclose your positions in Singapore. We use state of the art rules based system with in-house data research. Our product is backed by an expert operations team and dedicated analysts. Trusted by hundreds of funds and companies to automate disclosures and remove key compliance risk, DisclosureWise™ is a RegTech leader and the largest counterpart to global regulators for short disclosures.


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